Hydra Pools Liners


Designs for Every Pool

When most people think of a luxurious backyard, images of summer barbecues, childhood parties, relaxing with friends and family, and a swimming pool being the ultimate focal point.

Not only that, but your pool can be the enduring work of art that frames whatever your heart fancies.

Our vinyl swimming pool liner series offers you a wide array of designs. Ranging from the most sophisticated to the utterly playful, our Hydra Liners are sure to please the classic traditionalist and the sleekest modernist.


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Artisan (36, 30, 28, 27 mils)

Fusion (27/20 mils)

Prime (20 mil)

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Liners that are made in America

Hydra Pools has a long history of making long-lasting, quality swimming pool liners that are beautifully designed... right here in the U.S.A.

Pool liners come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 20ML to 30ML. We even have a couple of 36ML liners that are pet friendly!

Basically, the thicker the liner, the more they can withstand damage without leaking. And it will likely require fewer patches and repairs.

Regardless, all of our pool liners come with a 20 year prorated warranty!

Your pool will become a breathtaking work of art and a lasting expression of your own style.


Did You Know?

Did you know that you can customize your pool liner pattern? If you like a bottom portion of a liner but prefer not to use the top border, you can choose to use the bottom pattern all over.   Reach out to your dealer for more information.

NOTE: Every attempt has been made to accurately display the true color of the liner patterns - if you are color-matching your liner to an element around your pool, please contact us for a sample to see how it will actually look. Colors may also be slightly distorted due to monitor differences. Please be advised that some patterns may vary from the brochure when installed. We have noticed that patterns printed on a white base material will show white at the weld lines. Please ask your dealer for a sample pattern before making your selection.