Hydra Pools
Pinnacle Pools Panel System

Structural Thermoplastic Wall

The Pinnacle Pool Structural Thermoplastic Pool Wall is molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each of the five different straight lengths and three radius panels have uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs.

These panels are the most resistant to all types of underground deterioration including heat and cold, yet they are surprisingly light weight for easy installation. A non-corrosive, nylon bolt system is used to join the panels together as a durable unit. Designed, engineered and manufactured for maximum strength and durability.

  • Pinnacle Brace

    Deck support bracing is designed to transfer deck weight loading to vertical wall and anchor stake.

  • Alignment Coping

    Pinnacle Pools Alignment Coping encapsulates the entire top surface of wall panels providing precise alignment.

  • Stake-LokĀ©

    Assures positive leveling, locking and alignment.

  • Designated Cutouts

    For skimmers and lights in three different panel lengths