Hydra Pools
Hydra Pools Panel System

Finest Quality Inside and Out

Inside and out, only the finest goes into Hydra Pools®. Our precision engineering means that every part is meticulously designed and fabricated for flawless fit and finish. The strength of Hydra's intelligent design means you will have a swimming pool that you can enjoy trouble-free for years to come.


Our pool's structural thermoplastic walls are molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each panel has uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs. These panels cannot rust, corrode, rot, crack or splinter. In addition, they offer a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.


    This high-strength deck-support bracing is carefully designed to transfer the deck-weight loading to the vertical wall and anchor stake.


    Our specially designed alignment coping encapsulates the entire top surface of wall panels, providing precision-engineered alignment.


    Nylon bolts, nuts and washers fasten pool components together with the strength and security of metal hardware. But they will never rust or corrode. NEW! Alignment bushing on bolt automatically self-aligns to help join the panels together.


    Rugged and durable, our anchor stakes assure positive leveling, locking and alignment.