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Samson Steel Steps

Samson Steps by Hydra Pools

Hydra is proud to feature our full custom line of Samson Steel Steps. Hydra engineers can design almost any design to give homeowners exactly what they want for their pool. Below are a few examples of just how versatile our capabilities are:

Samson Steel steps can be made in multiple patterns, with benches, sunledges, end walls — the possibilities are endless!

Samson Steel steps also feature our patent-pending Liner Track technology. Hydra Pools has engineered a built-in liner track system that assists with vinyl covered steps and benches. The liner track is embossed into the metal itself to assure perfect installation with every application. A vinyl hangtab is welded onto the back of the liner during fabrication of liner. Once that hangtab is installed into the liner track, our system insures the vinyl placement on the tread will not be pulled away from the step. There is no need to hassle with additional hardware and you'll never have damaged tracking. Hydra Pools assures you the Liner Track system will provide perfect placement every time.