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Sweetwater Steps

Quality, Durability And Installation Ease Make Sweetwater A Step In The Right Direction.

If you're in the swimming pool business, you know that success depends on your attention to details. And one detail you cannot overlook is the step system you install with your pools. Steps that offer both economical installation and long-term durability can be a key to your success. That's why Sweetwater Steps® from Hydra Pools are so important. Sweetwater Steps are simply the most durable, easiest-to-install steps available. And that translates directly into higher consumer acceptance and satisfaction.

Sweetwater Steps® Break The Mold.

Sweetwater Steps® are vacuum molded from Luran®, a state-of-the-art thermoplastic material that offers strength and durability superior to traditional steps made of vinyl-coated metal or acrylic and fiberglass. Because they combine exceptionally high impact resistance with an integral, one-piece design, Sweetwater Steps® will last for years without corroding, splintering, delaminating or puncturing. In addition, outstanding resistance to UV light and to extreme weather and ground conditions means even greater longevity. And that means fewer service call-backs and more satisfied customers.

A Step System For Every Pool.

Sweetwater Steps® are available in a complete selection of straight and curved models to fit pools of virtually any shape or size. Our striking Cozy Corner step model is enormously popular, adding a uniquely beautiful touch to any pool. Our steps will also accept water-jet installation for maximum enjoyment and therapeutic value. And if you're installing a Hydra Pool, Sweetwater Steps® are designed to play an integral part in our totally engineered pool concept. This revolutionary concept allows you to install pools that are precision engineered for a perfect fit, fast installation and rugged, long-lasting quality.

Durable Strength And Support

Years of load-bearing use can take their toll on almost any step system. But with the superior structural strength of Luran®, Sweetwater Steps® welcome years of constant use. Thanks to this strength and durability, there is no longer any need for the complicated and expensive support systems that do no more than level the steps and hold them in place for backfill and installation operations.

Designed For Unsurpassed Installation Ease.

With Hydra's new PVC and ABS step-alignment system, installation is a snap, saving you valuable time during pool construction. The system is delivered pre-leveled and requires no tools or hardware to install. Our "C" channel extrusion provides additional tread strength after backfill, while the bottom "C" channel leg support prevents settling during the installation process. Sweetwater Steps® are also designed with a universal coping receptor that fits any standard or cantilevered deck design. Faster, less labor-intensive installation means you can offer your customers greater value -- plus superior construction quality.