Hydra Pools
Samson Steel Pools Panel System

Introducing our new line of Steel Wall Pools

Samson Pools are available in unlimited shapes and sizes. We have over 200 Standard pools to fit perfectly into your backyard.. but if you want something extraordinary, we can disign it for you!


  • 14 Gauge
  • Highest Zinc Coating Available in the Industry (G-235)
  • 5" Top and Bottom Flange

Many Different Brace Systems are available!

No other line in the industry can provide the peace of mind that Samson Steel can. With Samson Steel, there is no need to worry about the longevity of your investment because of the brute strength of the steel. It is quite simply the pinnacle of pool wall technology. This technology includes the highest available level of zinc coating protection to prevent rust and corrosion. All of Samson Steel’s features are engineered to give you a lifetime of enjoyment and we prove that by giving you a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Turnbuckle Fold Over Brace

  • Turnbuckle A-Frame Brace

  • Basic A-Frame Brace

  • A Frame Turnbuckle Deck Combo

  • Fold Over Deck Support

  • Two Piece Deck Support

  • Samson Steel Panel Stake

Many Support Brace Combinations Are Available. Speak With Your Dealer For More Information.


Customised Panels

Using our new line of Samson Panels, we can customize your pool panels to your specifications.

This limits your pools design only by your imagination.

Available in 42" and 48" Walls. Ask your sales representative for details.

Steel Steps

We also offer steel steps and steel benches designed to your specifications along with our current steps.