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Cornerstone Pools Panel System


Because Cornerstone Pools® has over four decades of experience in this industry, we know that the most important things to our customers are pool design, quality, and affordability. For us, pool design is simple because we leave it up to you! Cornerstone offers one of the largest varieties in pool shapes and sizes.

Because of our unique pool paneling system, we are able to give our clients the creative power they deserve in designing the swimming pool of their dreams. Take a look at just a few of the pool designs that Cornerstone offers, including round, octagon, any from our Grecian line, the popular Double Roman, and many more! So go ahead and think outside the box!

The Benefits Of A Well Built Pool.

The more you know about swimming pools, the more you'll appreciate Cornerstone Pools ®. Offering efficient, economical installation combined with lower cost, proven durability and maintenance-free pleasure, Cornerstone gives you everything you want in a pool -- and more.

  • The Wall System

    Cornerstone's modular walls are sturdy and durable. High impact polystyrene is molded under carefully controlled conditions to form modules with uniform cellular structure and thick, tough skin. Each tiny cell acts as a closed-box beam, joining with neighboring cells to create the flexing strength needed for buried structures.

  • The Joining System

    Our pool systems are engineered for long-term structural integrity over the lifetime of the pool. In fact, all panels are joined by a system of four stud-and-socket structures that are automatically precision-aligned as the panels are put in place. A non-corrosive, nylon bolt system then joins the panels together as a durable unit.

  • The Coping System

    Additional system rigidity is provided by Cornerstone's carefully engineered coping system. Designed to act as part of an integral pool unit, this system will enhance the stiffness and long-term durability of our pools.

  • The Bracing System

    There is no stronger, more functional brace in the industry than Cornerstone's. Fastened at the four stud-and-socket locations, our brace features a wide rear stabilizing pad that uses backfill pressure to keep walls plumb and straight. A polymer stake provides added support in most conditions, but in very rocky soil, a heavy steel drive stake may be used. The top bar of the polymer brace is designed at an angle to align with proper drainage slope of decks.

Warranty and Technology

Cornerstone Pools® has a proven track record fo excellence. The science of our success is simple. We use only the best materials to make your pool, and then we offer a guarantee to back it up. At Cornerstone, all our swimming pools are built to last and we take pride in our craftmanship. So, we back all our wall panels and braces with a remarkable lifetime warranty! Even our vinyl pool liners come with a twenty-year pro-rated warranty.

The confidence we have in our product comes from knowing that we use state-of-the-art construction materials. We rest easier knowing that our polymer-foam walls are the best long-term value because they cannot rust, rot, corrode, or splinter. In addition, our walls are stronger than steel, and more stable than concrete.

These walls are then joined by our progressive system of four stud-and-socket structures that are precision aligned as the panels are put into place. Then, nylon fasteners join the panels together into a durable unit.

And finally, the science of our success is epitomized by our very own bracing system. We are proud to say that Cornerstone Pools® has designed the strongest and most functional swimming pool brace in the industry. Fastened at the four stud-and-socket locations, our braces feature a wide rear stabilizing pad that uses backfill pressure to keep the walls straight. Under most conditions a polymer stack is used to provide additiona support, and our stake is designed at an angle to better align with the proper drainage slope of a homeowner's deck.

Our warranty and technology are just two more reasons that Cornerstone Pools® have endured the test of time. We allow customers to design the pool of their dreams, and then we build it to last. And it is this partnership that is truly the science of our success.